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Miley Cyrus Spends 24,000 on Hair Extensions

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Miley Cyrus Spends 24,000 on Hair Extensions

Article written by Christophe Box

Posted on November 30, -0001

I read this on the web and thought, poor Miley. Either she is a real bitch or just a sweet gullible teen that was taken advantage of. Hair Extensions do not cost that much.

As a stylist who specializes in hair extensions and as an inventor of a hair extension product I have seen all sides of the biz. There are many different types of hair and yes some are more expensive than others, but not 24,000.00 buckaroos worth!

I always joke that I should charge an “annoyance fee” for some of my higher maintenance clients. To me this is the only logical explanation to what she was charged for her hair extensions… It had to be an annoyance fee!

I read “it was colored to match her own hair. Oooh, ahhh, what talent that hairdresser had to have to take virgin human hair and use the same damn formula they used to color  Miley’s hair in the beginning. It just gets my blood boiling when I read these kind of things. It hurts the business I call hair extensions! It’s no wonder people think hair extensions are outside of their means.

What most people don’t know is that hair extensions are a lot more affordable than you think they are. You can get into an awesome, show stopping set of quality hair extensions for around $750.00 tax, title and insurance (that’s a joke) at The Beauty Box Salon in Dallas Texas. Maybe Miley could have flown in and got her hair did and then left me a jaw dropping $23,250.00 tip!

Now that would have been a great story!

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