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What to do when something traumatic happens to your client.

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What to do when something traumatic happens to your client.

Article written by

Posted on October 28, 2010

Article by Christopher Box

When you have been doing hair as long as I have it is inevitable that you have a client have something traumatic happen to them. When my clients come into the salon I turn into Martha Stewart. They are after all a guest in my house, right? My clients want for nothing from the minute they arrive in the salon. I want them to have a fun, happy, relaxing time.

The question I have today comes from a client I did yesterday. I'll call her Jill because this is a sensitive and painful situation. I have been doing Jill's hair extensions for almost 10 years. Even when I lived in San Diego, I would fly back to Dallas to do her hair extensions. Jill has become more than a client. She is a friend for sure. We have seen each other grow up and truly become adults. I really was sweet young and innocent when we first met!

When Jill arrived at the salon I could tell she was not herself at all. I didn't make a big fuss about it. I led her to my chair and got my station ready. I offered up some more bererages and went  to mix up color. When I got back she was sitting at my station with a hallow blank stare. Okay, now I am starting to get an icky, weird vibe. I am like, " Jill, your freaking me out.. what's up". Jill proceeds to tell me she lost her baby yesterday and starts to cry. Jill was 2 months pregnant when she came in last time.

My heart froze. I set the color down and swooped in to give her a hug.

I kick into Mom mode real quick. I pull away and ask if getting her hair done today is a good idea. She says yes. I then ask her if she wants to talk about it. Her eyes glaze over and I interpret that as a no.

I proceed to give her an amazing foil and keep the chatting to a minimum.

The question I have for you guys today is, What is the proper way to deal with something like this? After she left I just couldn't help but feel that I should have done more. It hurt my heart to see her this way.

As a stylist, I deal with all kinds of painful situations. I have shaved clients heads that were going through cancer, I have lost clients in car accidents, and now have had a client lose a pregnancy.

What would you need in a moment like this? Silence, a hug, a cookie?

I am serious, I am a "fixer". When something bad happens I need to "do" something. I swear if the salon had a kitchen I would whipped back there and started making soup!

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