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Bump up the Volume by Hairdo

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Bump up the Volume by Hairdo

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Posted on November 26, 2010

FINALLY a product that gives you volume right where you want volume the most: at the crown!! You can add extensions all day long for added hair, but the bottom line is before bump up the volume there wasn’t anything you could do for adding volume to the top of your head. Women will tease and tease and tease their hair looking for that amazing “poof”, and even if you get it right it can tend to fall throughout the day, not to mention the havoc and damage constant teasing will have on your hair! Now its as easy as snapping it in, and the volume will last all day long, guaranteed!

Bump up the volume attaches to your hair using pressure sensitive clips that slide right in to your own hair and snap shut causing no damage to your hair and its super secure. In the interior of the construction there is actually bendable wire that allows you to push up on the piece creating as much volume as you want.  It comes in two lengths 15” for short to medium haired gals, and 21” for long and luscious locks.Both lengths have beautiful blended layers for a style that looks like it came right out of the salon.  Keep in mind that it can be customized, you can have bump up the volume cut to match your particular hairstyle( looks amazing in bobs! very Victoria Beckham)
The volumizing piece is made with a heat friendly synthetic fiber called tru2life which can be styled with heat tools such as curling irons and flatirons up to 350 degrees. The hair looks and feels like the real deal!! It comes in a wide variety of colors so finding a good blend is rarely an issue. The best part of bump up the volume is that if your hair moves or the wind blows all people see is hair no weird plastic attachments showing through. This amazing little number will not only bump up your hair, but your self image as well!!
Article by Jennifer Pompa



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