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Rosa Marrufo Gets Easilengths Hair Extensions

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Rosa Marrufo Gets Easilengths Hair Extensions

Article written by Brandon Stephens

Posted on February 10, 2011

The need for extensions may be different for each person, but one fact stays the same:  They can work for you!  As is true with everything, there is no single product that works for everyone.  Depending on your need, we can find the type that works best with your lifestyle, and your ultimate goal.

Rosa Marrufo, stylist at The Beauty Box, is no virgin to hair extensions.  Having had strand by strand extensions before, she decided to give out the tape in method for a change. 

Little did she know, they would change her world.  Working with her natural wave pattern, we strategically placed an adequate number of extensions to her natural hair that have resulted in the outcome you see below.  Her hair looks natural, long, and full of volume she wanted. 

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Stylist Rosa Marrufo Gets Easilenghts

Stylist Rosa Marrufo Gets Easilenghts

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Hair Extensions | After

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Hair Extensions | Before

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