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2/12/11 Easihair: Destination NYC Fashion Week

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2/12/11 Easihair: Destination NYC Fashion Week

Article written by

Posted on February 13, 2011


Article by Christopher Box

And we are off!

I caught the 7:00 o’clock flight with no hitches and even got lucky enough to have the seat empty next to me! Always a good sign! I got snuggled into my seat with my headphones on and hit play on my iphone.

I swear to you I am not making this up. Jaz-Z and Alicia Keys started singing to me about NEWWW YOOORK!  Ha! I kinda giggled. How cliche and yet so perfect. Off to the original city of opportunity. These streets will make you feel brand new and these lights will inspire you! Yeah, I guess thats true.

I pull out my new book, “It’s Not Really About the Hair” by Tabatha Coffey. I kinda devoured it! I got 3/4 through it. An easy read but more than a little bit entertaining. She is most def an inspiration of mine. It just goes to show you that hard work does pay off. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend. I mean, any women who grows up around drag queens cannot be boring, right.

The plane touches the ground and I am off. No obstacles to stop me! I roll into a taxi and head to the Radisson on Lexington and 48th. I love the drive from Laguardia. You can see the whole city skyline in all its glory. I feel very New York in my all black attire.

The hotel is nice and in a great location. I can see the Empire State building right down the road. I call Jennifer (she is the director of education for easihair). “Girl, whats our room #”, I say.

I get her tiny hiney out of bed and we head down to this little restaurant by the hotel. I order chocolate mousse pie with a glass of pinot grigio. Umm, not a good combo. I guess I was just excited being in NYC. You can most def feel the energy. Fashion week is here!

We grab a seat and start the beginning of our hair extension orgy!! It’s funny because it’s true! For the next 4 days we will eat, breath, and sleep hair extensions. Jen updates me on all the awesome things easihair is doing this week for fashion week.

It is so cool to think that I was one of the people that started tape in extensions!

We go back to the room and she shows me some vids of Sarah Potempa putting in easilengths tape in extensions on models before they hit the runway. She throws three NYC Fashion Week passes on the bed. I get a little giddy! I am totally going to be rubbing elbows with the most influential stylists and designers in the world!

It’s almost 3:00 by now. Time for bed. Umm, yeah I forgot that part. We were supposed to have 2 full sized beds. There is only one and being that it is Fashion Week there are other rooms available. I tell Jennifer no funny stuff and shut my eyes.

God I love being an hairdresser!


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