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Morrocan Oil: Rosa Marrufo's Go-to-product

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Morrocan Oil: Rosa Marrufo's Go-to-product

Article written by Rosa Murrafo

Posted on March 1, 2011


Article by Rosa Marrufo

Moraccanoil has become one of the hottest products on the market!!! And NO YOU CAN’T GET IT AT WAL-MART OR ALBERTSONS!!!  Its unique formulation of Argan oils has been proven to repair damaged hair, not to mention the wonderful aroma that it has… you seriously think you are in paradise!!

How I like to use these products!!  My absolute favorite would be the original Moroccanoil Oil Treatment, I love to use this before I start styling and afterward for a polished look.   So basically with this product you want to apply about a quarter size amount on your palms rub it in your hair but only applying it mid-shaft down, DO NOT apply to roots (will make it oily … duh!) by doing so it will allow you to reduce your drying time, it will help tame down any baby hairs and help out with that frizz that we hate so much!!  Once you have finished your styles out take about a dime size amount onto your palms and rub it in to your ends only for a sleek polished look.  Now for you blondes and fine haired ladies out there they make a Moroccanoil Light Treatment as well, I use it the same way as the original oil treatment but about a dime size amount on wet and dry hair. 

As for their shampoo and conditioner I would totally recommend it all the way, but I would alternate it with another shampoo during the week, especially for blondes and for those of you who have fine hair, it will tend to weigh it down.  But the product itself is awesome, its unique aroma is amazing and the way it leaves your hair feeling silky and smooth is awesome. 

Now for those of you have severely dry or damaged hair, you will fall in love with the Intense Hydrating Mask and the Restorative Hair Mask, both of these products will help replenish the hair with a protein rich formula, will help restructure the hair, improve the texture, and will help restore manageability.  Simply shampoo as normal apply the mask and let it set on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse as normal.

Curly hair an issue!!?? You have even more reasons to love these products, the shampoo and conditioner will help maintain that mane, the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment would help give you a polished look, and their Intense Curl Cream is AMAZING!!  Will allow you to have the fabulous bouncy curls you have always wanted without looking like MUFASA!!  Hahaha sorry but seriously!!!

So this is why I love this product and I will stand behind it 100%!!  Go to your nearest salon that carries the product and take paradise home in a bottle!!

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