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Dallas Hair Services

Dallas Wigs | Alternative Hair

Wig Customization $ 100.00 per hour

1 hour minimum  required

Bang Trim $ 45.00 each

Shampoo, Conditon, Dry $ 60.00 per item

Custom Styling $ 75.00 each

Alterations $ 100.00 per hour

Consultation Necessary

Adding Clips $ 15.00 each

Steaming $ 55.00 per item

Wig and Alternative Hair Consultation $ 100.00 each

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Last Minute Appointments | 09.17.2013

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Last Minute Appointments | 09.17.2013

Article written by Christopher Box

Posted on January 11, 2012

Get in this week at one of the best Dallas hair salons. Whether you're new to Dallas or a regular these hair appointments are great for last minute hair extensions, hair color and the best cuts in all of DFW.

Find something you wanna book for? You can either call us at our Highland Park Salon location 215.559.3572 or our Valley Ranch Salon location 972-791-8083.

If you are searching for the Best Dallas Hair Extension Salon then your search is over! We carry hair extensions in stock. Chances are you may be able to get the hair extensions of your dreams this week.

Please keep in mind that these appointments are always changing. If you can't book it online give the salon a call. Chances are you will still be able to get in for your preferred appointment time. 

Highland Park Last Minute Appointments 9/17/2013
  Kassie Michelle Brandon Sonia Brad
Tuesday 12,2,3 12:30,2:30 2:15,6:45 12,4:45 n/a
Wednesday 11,1,3 11,2:30,3:30 1:30,3:30 n/a n/a
Thursday 11:30,3:30 11,2:15,4,6 n/a 2:15,4,6 11,2
Friday 3:30,5 1:30,5:15 n/a 2,4,5 n/a
Saturday n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


Valley Ranch Last Minute Appointments 9/17/2013
  Castro Tiffany Jennifer    
Tuesday 12,3,4 12,2,4 12,1,4    
Wednesday 11,1,3,5 1:30,3,4,6 3:15,4,6    
Thursday 11,12,6:30 11,2,4,6 11,1,3,6    
Friday 10,12,1,5:30 10,230,4 10,12,2,5    
Saturday 9,11,1,3 9,11,1 9,11,1,3    

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