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Celebrities with hair extensions: Kristin Stewart

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Celebrities with hair extensions: Kristin Stewart

Article written by Christopher Box

Posted on November 30, -0001

I was reading my newest issue of EW with Kristin Stewart on it. I was like wow, she looks amazing without her hair extensions. Then I took a closer look... She does have them!
I can see that Kristin has strand by strand. (Great Lengths, Socap, Cinderella Hair, Hair Dreams) Take a closer look at her EW shoot. You can see the individual strands that have separated from her own hair. You can clearly see them by the Ent.

Take a look at at the pic shot before. (not sure when) The strand by strand was used in this pic to make her hair thicker and fuller. You can still see the separation of the strand by strand at the ends.
Both are great looks. This separation is just the nature of how strand by strand works. So, if you have this look keep a flat boars hair brush handy. You're gonna need to frequently brush your hair to minimize this separation or spaghetti noodle effect.

-Christopher Box

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