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Benniefactor Haircare: Making Everyday a Positive Hairday

The great part of living, is having the ability to lead our life as we see fit.  Whether we make it a great day, a mediocre day, or a bad day, relies heavily on how inspired we are to fulfill our daily wishes.  Keeping in tune with the positive aspects in life, Benniefactor products are a GREAT product line to start your day with.  Not only does each of their products offer consistently great results, they even go as far as offering positive affirmations on their packaging!

When I, as a stylist, am choosing a product line to work with, I think it's important to look deep into the company's philosophy.  Whether a corporation is making this product solely for profits, or it comes from someone within the industry seeking better products, is very important.  These products came from Bennie Pollard, a second generation hairstylist who has 25 years of experience in the industry.  Bennie has been recognized by "Modern Salon" magazine, "Glamour" magazine, Beauty Launchpad, as well as the North American Hairstyling Awards (Basically, the Academy Awards of Hairstyling).  To sum it up, he knows, loves, and is inspired by hair.  

These products are designed for the artist, your stylist, to design a palette that you, the client, can easily recreate on a day to day basis.  Benniefactor products can be mixed together, or separately, to easily create a variety of styles that reflect your mood as the days change.  Pump up the volume with the "bArtistic creative foam," which will give you the body and lasting shape to last throughout the day.  Using the "bMore Building Spray" as a spritz before your blowdry will help hold your style, provide shine, and add body without making your hair feel crunchy.  Last, but not least of my favorites, is the "bConfident Styling Spray."  This hair spray is great for all hair types, by offering maximum hold, and the perfect amount of shine,  without making the hair feel, or look oily.  Use it to hold your style, keep your bangs in place, or keep those dreaded "fly-a-ways" down.   

Simply put, these products speak for themselves.  I'm confident there's a product that fits your needs, and will blow you away.  It's time for you to seize control of your hair by removing the hassle of styling it, and start enjoying it once and for all.  Carpe Diem! 

Tips for Bennifactor Haircare:

1. When trying to control fly-a-ways, along with using a taming lotion before blow-drying, spray your finished style with the "bConfident Styling Spray" 18-inches away from the hair, and lightly run the palm of your fingers over your hair to secure them in the style.

- Brandon Stephens

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