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Klix Hair Extensions Sale | Dallas Hair Extensions

Dallas’ best hair extension salon is offering a hair extension sale on Klix hair extensions.

Until 2/15/13 you will receive 15% off all Klix hair, and application costs at The Beauty Box Salon. Don’t know about Klix?  Here’s the 411:

For the person with thicker hair who just wants more volume, or longer hair, Klix hair extensions are for you. They are quick to apply, easy to style, and easy to maintain and match into your everyday hair styling. They use no heat, or glue to apply and are amazingly simple to remove in comparison to other extension types. In the end, that means less damage to your natural hair. 

Klix hair extensions are a great option for those with thicker natural hair. They can be used to fill in length where you have trouble growing it, or adding additional volume to fill out your curls. If length is what you are looking for, more panels can be put in to create a seamless blend of gorgeous long hair. The best part about working with wefts of hair is the natural look you get with them.  We have all seen the spaghetti noodle look that Britney likes to rock with her extensions. With Klix, the wefts are the total opposite of this look, and are much more natural looking. 

Another benefit of these Dallas extensions is their ability to be moved up quickly. There’s nothing more annoying to my clients than extensions that are grown out and they have to constantly worry about them showing within their layers. Every 4-6 weeks you come in and we can move the panels up to make sure they are close to your scalp, which means the chance of someone seeing them is slim to none.  It’s a process that takes no more than an hour.  Yet another reason these are a simple set of extensions.

Best part about it: they are on sale for 15% off until February 15, 2013.That means 15% off the cost of hair, and application. You can even buy multiple packs of hair for future use at 15% off. Check them out, and thank me later!  

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